Something Inexplicable Happened When She Held Her Lifeless Newborn Baby

It’s an ad for a Thai baby product company, but it’s impact is being felt all across the internet. It’s called “A Mother’s Intuition,” and the focus is about a mother in a hospital.

While she has just given birth to twins, she goes to look at them in the delivery room as they lie next to one another. There seems to be a difference between the two. One seems to sparkle with life. The other one, not so much. The mother immediately picks up the lifeless twin, holding him close and speaking encouraging words to him while weeping herself. Other people present begin to become emotional as well. The mom continues the comforting act. Then something happens. The lifeless newborn begins to curl his fingers. The fingers form a fist and he starts crying big time, just like a baby should do!

The powerful video has gone viral, moving many who watch it to absolute tears.


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