Her Philosophical Message To Her Generation Is Very Inspiring

Molly Kestner has wisdom beyond her years. She’s taken back by our tendency to favor “likes” on a photo, to love we give. She speaks of the difference between what’s “right”, and what “feels good”, and most importantly, she talks about changing the world.

Her words are copied below, but you’ve really got to hear her say them. The video is beneath the transcript!

“This is a message to our generation, but first let me take a selfie!

#SELFIE! Yolo, Twerk, just a few of the words that consumed our daily lives, our work. And by work I mean our purpose, what we were sent here to do by an amazing creator, but we have forgotten about him too.

You see we care more about the likes on an instagram photo than the amount of love we show. And we turn on the TV the second we get home. Yet we turn our head when we see someone alone, someone lost, and someone hurting. But were to busy rewording a tweet and we live in this little bubble where our nice life is so sweet, self sufficient, self serving.

Isn’t it unnerving that we live in a world that values material possession and doesn’t bother to ask the question that if what we do is right and instead, does it feel good? I mean If it feels good it must be right. But we forget that most regret comes from what feels good at the time.

We say we want to change the world, but all we do is change our status. “But Neil, I post about God!” yeah, well that’s great, and fine, but a selfie with a bible verse, I guess what I’m implying is that it’s about making everyone else think that our lives are so grand. It’s funny how the boastful were the ones Christ couldn’t stand.

And it’s not surprising how walls of insecurity are rising when we are constantly comparing our back stories to the highlight of everyone else’s lives. And I meet more girls every day that would rather die because they see themselves as worthless. They think their lives have no purpose.

Because who can compare to the image of beauty and vogue that is seemingly perfect. Guys getting high and using girls like a drug, cause bro, you aren’t cool unless you’re living like a thug. It’s just a circle of using and being used. And I’m so done with the gift of free will being abused! It’s time to make your lives worth something more than just the highest score on flappy bird. You have a voice that should be heard.

You want to be happy and loving yourself more? How about you stop focusing on you and start opening a door, covering a meal. Live your life in a way where the person you portray isn’t a copy of the person who the world tells you to be. Cause the very best version is the one that can break free of all the influence and find that inner confidence. And once you find that, you’re going to start to realize that you don’t need more than twelve likes to feel pretty, and you won’t want to sub tweet to get others pity. Once we can all reach this point, that’s where change begins to happen.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I have this vision, that our generation breaks the stereotypes of religion, that we break down the walls of judgment, and pride and instead with arms open welcome everyone inside to a place where we can all come together to do the things that God wants really wanted… like loving each other, and loving him. More than ourselves and more than our things.

Now some say that won’t happen so I challenge you to make the change in yourselves and change what the future brings. Because maybe social media sets what is the normal, but I for one won’t be frozen in a world I’ve been chosen to transform.”


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