Miranda Lambert Glamorously Steals The Show In Hot Pink Pistol Heels At The ACM Awards

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there when a relationship ends, and you eventually move on to a new love. Sometimes, you’ll run into your ex, especially when you’re in the same business.

Miranda Lambert shoes

Native Texan Miranda Lambert has the challenge of doing all of that on national awards shows like this week’s ACM Awards. She pulled it off with flying colors.  Miranda walked the red carpet and sat in the audience with her boyfriend — soulful singer/songwriter Anderson East. All of this while her ex Blake Shelton opened the show with his latest single, “Came Here to Forget.”

If it was uncomfortable, Miranda didn’t let it show. She rocked the red carpet wearing those fierce pink shoes with little pistols in a holster on them. Later, Miranda killed it singing ZZ Top’s “Tush” with the legendary act’s Billy Gibbons and Keith Urban backing her up.

You can see Miranda cover “Tush” on her upcoming concert tour. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2016 brings us a brand-new Miranda album, too.

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