He Melts Over 250 Crayons Together In One Big Block. When He Is Done, You Will Be Floored…

Spring is finally here and, if you’re anything like me, that means finding plenty of bright, vibrant colors to add to your life! Personally, I think the perfect way to ditch all the dreary winter darkness is by bringing a bouquet of beautiful flowers into your home. Of course, you’ll need something to put them in. Sure, you could go with the same old vase your mom passed down to you, which was passed down from her mom and so on and so forth, but you might be in the mood for something a little more modern. Something like this easy marbled flower pot is a totally fun way to put your own personal touch on your decor!

Or maybe you’re in more of a rainbow mood this year. The colorful prism of light has inspired so many gorgeous creations, like these scrumptious waffles. When woodworker Peter Brown wanted to make a flower bud vase, he ditched the usual balsa and cedar materials for a much more eye-catching array of crayons. Using the same power tools and techniques he would with his wood-based projects, he spins the melted mound of wax into a real work of art. It’s seriously mesmerizing just watching him work even before you see the finished product.

Brown also had the help of his viewers for this build, heeding their recommendation to upgrade his low-budget crayons for the more stable Crayolas. He also tested an amazing tip for getting their paper labels off quicker. Take a look at the video see the incredible results!


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