A Common Household Spice Was The Cause Of Death For This 4 Year Old Boy

What a four-year-old Kentucky boy found when climbing around the kitchen – though a common kitchen cabinet spice – led to his death.

While exploring the kitchen, Matthew Radar came upon a container of cinnamon powder and ate some. His mother, Brianna, said he started choking like he was having a seizure and collapsed.

Matthew was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead an hour and a half later. The coroner ruled the death was accidental and said cinnamon asphyxiation is a common problem when the powder is inhaled.

Brianna wants people who are taking the “cinnamon challenge,” in which they videotape themselves attempting to ingest a tablespoon of cinnamon without water, to realize the danger they’re putting themselves in:

“Cinnamon can kill,” Radar said. “All these kids, they don’t think about the fact it can hurt them.”

Matthew’s family donated his organs, Brianna said, in hopes that other lives could be saved.


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