The Material This Artist Uses Is Simple, But The Sculptures He Makes Are One Of A Kind

Bosnian sculptor Jasenko Ðordevic has some really big ideas.  In this stunning art series, he astounds the viewer by working very, very small. So small that his sculptures fit onto the head of a pencil tip. Ðordevic says that the material, graphite, is a temperamental medium: “since it is hard and fragile at the same time. One has to be very careful when working with black lead, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to its cracking.”

Ðordevic does an homage to several culturally recognizable scenes, such as this one from the Sistine Chapel’s “Genesis.”

material sculptures 1


material sculptures 2

Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker.”

material sculptures 3

Torah scrolls.

material sculptures 4

Scenes from nature and landscape photography.

material sculptures 5

The Roman Colosseum. 

material sculptures 6

An old-fashioned camera.

material sculptures 7

Russian nesting dolls.

material sculptures 8

The head of a screw.

material sculptures 9

A baby elephant.

material sculptures 10

Ðordevic works with a heavy duty magnifying glass to get the exact level of detail perfect for these tiny graphic sculptures.

material sculptures 11


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