Young Girl Gets The Surprise Of Her Life When A Marine Appears Unexpectedly At School

A 10-year-old was moved to tears when she saw her brother for the first time in seven months. He surprised her at Harloe Elementary School in Arroyo Grande, Calif. Cheyanna Prelesnik was seated at her desk just a day before summer vacation was about to begin. She turned around, and was surprised by her brother Brandon Prelesnik.  While the two shared an emotional embrace, Cheyanna’s class broke out in applause. Brandon is a U.S. Marine who had just returned to visit his family after serving in Japan and Korea.

Brandon said the surprise was actually Cheyanna’s idea. “She wrote me a letter saying she wanted me to surprise her at school, and she gave me her room number, her teacher’s name,” explained Sgt. Prelesnik. “I didn’t think I would be home in time because her last day of school is tomorrow, but it so happened to be that I come and surprise her and make her dream come true.”

marine surprises little sister 1

Brandon said the last time he really spent time with Cheyanna was when she was when she was a toddler “in a car seat.”

Cheyanna said she was excited to have him home. “I’m just going to say that I am so happy for my brother to be home. It was amazing. I missed him.”


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