Judges Are Skeptical When 12-Year-Old Girl Says She Can Sing Whitney Houston. Seconds Later, Everyone Is Floored

Maia Gough is a 12-year-old girl who recently auditioned for the prominent television show Britain’s Got Talent and was faced with a bit of skepticism. Honestly though when a young girl with dream-filled eyes tells you she can sing like one of the best female voices in the music industry… well, I can understand why no one would believe her.

That doesn’t stop her from performing her heart out though, and the moment she lifts that mic the judges revised their original attitudes. When she finished she wasn’t met with more doubt, she was met by applause and cheers, which I’m sure will continue to happen as long as she keeps up her hard work because she’s just that good! Can you imagine what a few more years of professional training could do for her when she already sounds like a pro?


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