Doctors Discovered The Most Bizarre Things In Her Mouth

Brazil hasn’t been in the news or gone viral lately because of their ability to take care of their own people, and a large effect from that lack of aid has been an increase in the cases of myiasis.

Even though it’s more common in the tropical regions where Adriana Cardoso and her daughter Ana live, Adriana still never expected it. All she knew was that her daughter kept taking about a “wriggling feeling” in her gums and it wouldn’t go away so she took her to the dentist, never expecting what would follow.

Adriana watched horrified, as the dentists recorded the removal of 15 live maggots from her 10-year-old daughter’s gums! Could you imagine how terrible her mother must have felt when they pulled them out for not acting sooner, or the relief little Ana gets to enjoy now that they’re all gone? Luckily Ana has nothing left to worry about with them unless she ends up with them again in the future, but I bet from now on both her and her mother will be paying closer attention!


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