She Had Been Hearing Strange Things In Her Ear, What They Removed Is Astounding

If you’re going through life without a healthy fear of our eight-legged friend, the spider, well you’re probably doing it wrong – as this video accurately portrays.

Recently, a Chinese woman went into a hospital in Xiamen because she believed she was becoming possessed.

Previously she’d gone on a date with her boyfriend, and the two had gone hiking. Eventually they made it to a fruit bearing tree near a cemetery, where she proceeded to pick one and chow down, completely understandable when you’re on an extended hike. Well, that fruit held something that she didn’t expect, and suffered for it. The fruit, which she’d later assumed was forbidden or cursed, actually contained a small little spider. When the spider’s home was destroyed, it went in search of a new one, and found her ear canal.

She began to hear the spider in her head, which had already begun to spin a complex web, and assumed that the nearby cemetery had somehow tainted the fruit tree. When she went in the hospital and discovered it was a spider, you can only guess as to how relieved she must have felt. Unfortunately they weren’t able to record the removal of the little critter from her ear, but the video below shows another similar removal for your daily dose of ‘Nope!’


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