Young Boy Wearing His Batman Costume Becomes A Real Superhero…

It’s not every day you have an opportunity to be a real hero. We go about our daily lives and for the most part, it’s all pretty uneventful. Sometimes, though, crisis finds you. When the time comes, how you respond is what makes or breaks a hero.

Or a superhero, as the case may be. Zavi Ahmed might only be five years old but he’s already on his way to superhero status. He was out shopping with his mother and brother one morning, dressed as Batman, as one does, when he came across someone in need of help.

One-year-old Iris Adamski was accidentally locked inside her grandparents car. With the keys inside.
little batman saves life 1

Her grandparents, John and Caroline Penny, were packing up when the unfortunate incident occurred.
little batman saves life 2

They immediately sought help, and a police officer even broke the rear window, but the adults couldn’t get the doors open.
little batman saves life 3

Enter Zavi, who was able to crawl through the tiny rear window and retrieve the key, saving the day.
little batman saves life 4

Iris might be too young to remember now, but no doubt she’ll grow up hearing stories of how Batman saved her life.
little batman saves life 5


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