These Tough Guys Completely Stun “America’s Got Talent” Judges When They Begin To Sing…

These guys may look rough and tough on the outside, but when they open their mouths, we’re all taken aback! Linkin Bridge was started by cousins and lifelong friends.  It is an impressive a capella group that took America’s Got Talent by storm with their rendition of “Over The Rainbow.”

linkin bridge

When the men of Linkin Bridge walk on stage, dressed in head to toe black, the audience and judges don’t know what to expect. Simon tries to get them to reveal more about their routine before they begin, but these “tough guys” don’t want to give away too much! Simon finally wishes them well and the four men get in their places.

linkin bridge

Without warning, the talented men break into their beautiful version of the upbeat tune! This joyful children’s song is the last thing anyone expected Linkin Bridge to perform – everyone is on their feet and cheering for them. Linkin Bridge was voted through to the next round without question! 


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