Man Brightens Lives Of Patients In The Hospital With His Incredible Singing Voice

Lindon Beckford soothes the hospital’s many patients with his incredible singing voice! Surgeries, treatments and long hospital stays can drive anyone crazy, but one patient transporter is working to calm the men and women he chauffeurs day-in and day-out. 

man sings to patients

63-year-old Vera Vicentini, was suffering from a massive brain tumor and was thrilled to find out Lindon was her ride to her MRI. “He’s not just a man that transports us. He makes us happy. He makes our day bright,” Vera said. 

man sings to patients

Lindon transports hundreds of patients every week and he does his best to brighten the lives of each since joining the hospital staff in 1985. It began as him singing to himself along the cold hallways, but then people started to notice and sing along with him. Now we all get to enjoy Lindon’s amazing voice and positive attitude!


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