A Hiker Found This Letter In A Bottle And What It Says It Is Beyond Inspiring

While death is simply part of what it means to be human, few people live their lives assuming that each day will be their last.  Focusing only on the negative parts of the rich tapestry that is the human experience, would make for a very depressing life.  Unfortunately, there are times when we are forced to confront this painful fact of existence and try to make our way through the ensuing emotions. 

This is what happened when Katy Ned’s fiancé, Russell “Tre” Kraus, passed away at 32  while they were making preparations for their wedding. It was Tre’s dream that their honeymoon was to see the ruins of a Mayan temple and climb to the very top.  After his passing, Katy honored her late fiancé’s dream.

When she finally made it to the top of the Mayan ruins, admiring the view was just not enough. Instead, she left a message in a bottle decorated as an accessory that was to have been used at her wedding.   Wanting to use her heartbreaking story to inspire someone else to live life and love to the fullest, she made sure to put a stopper in the bottle before walking back down the ruins.

The plan went off without a hitch. Imgur user ‘man0nthemoon915’ was also visiting the Mayan temple ruins that day and climbed to the top as well.   He saw the bottle,  took a few pictures and then opened it up, pulled out the note and began to read. What Katy wrote touched him so much that he knew he had to share it with others.  Her message deserved to have a much wider audience, so, he snapped a few pics, uploaded it on Imgur and shared it on the Internet.  It immediately went viral around the world!

letter in a bottle 1

letter in a bottle 2

letter in a bottle 3

letter in a bottle 4

To anyone who needs hope,

My name is Katy, and I am supposed to be on my honeymoon. However a week before I was supposed to marry the love of my life, my best friend, he passed away. His name was Tre and he was a funny, strong, loving and caring man who made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. 

From the first time he held my hand, I knew this was the man I wanted to marry.

We wanted to see the Mayan Temple and ruins and he was very excited when we decided to go on this cruise. So [I] decided to take this journey, make this climb for him.

My words of encouragement is [sic] this, never give up, easier said than done I know but try. There’s so much life ahead and you never know when it’s over. Always love. There’s so much hurt and anger in this world, you don’t want to leave this world without love in your heart. Always be yourself and laugh, because the one for you will always love you truly for who you are and will never make you feel as if you have to change anything. The one for you will always make you feel special like royalty. But remember, you need to feel and be the same way to that person as well. That’s respect. Whoever finds this letter, I pray you find or have found that kind of love. That love that brings out the best in you, that makes you a better person. And for anyone that has found that love and lost it, keep loving others, don’t let the love die, try to laugh, always live life.

Love Always,

The almost Katy Kraus”


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