Artist Uses Marble And Resin Merge To Create This Beautiful Table

As we get into the bitter heart of winter, thoughts of warm, sandy beaches begin to dominate most people’s daydreams. Instead of bundling up in five different layers, wouldn’t it be nice to stretch out on a towel with a good book and listen to the waves hit the shore? Unfortunately, this isn’t possible anytime soon, unless you’re willing to fly somewhere much warmer.

Don’t worry, though, because artist Alexandre Chapelin has a piece of furniture that might just get you through these winter blues. Chapelin designs tables that look remarkably like ocean lagoons. He achieves this effect by cutting travertine, a form of limestone, and combining it with a rich, blue resin that looks exactly like crystal clear water. Chapelin’s studio is located in Saint Martin, a small island in the Carribean, so it’s no wonder he’s able to create such accurate depictions of lagoons. We may not be near the beach this winter, but let’s be thankful for Alexandre and his tables making us feel a little warmer.
lagoon tables 1

lagoon tables 2

lagoon tables 3

lagoon tables 4

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