King Cobra Has Interesting Reaction To His Feeding Time…

Snakes aren’t exactly the most lovable of pets, but there are plenty of people across the globe who would be more than happy to raise them – people like YouTuber Viper Keeper.

There’s a few reasons why someone would want to keep and raise venomous snakes, the largest being to use them for their venom, but that doesn’t always make them easy to handle. This guy doesn’t seem to have any worries about it whatsoever though, even allowing a King Cobra to slither around the ground around him while he goes to feed another snake!

The entire time the guy is speaking almost as if you would to a small child or a dog, even when one snake rushes up towards his face. Now, being a fan of snakes myself I can safely say that there’s no freaking way I would be able to handle that without letting out a high pitched scream, could you?


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