12 Beautiful Photographs Which Prove That Kindness Is Within Us

Kindness is one of the great forces in our world. The more good deeds we do, the kinder the world will become.  No one’s perfect, but as long as there are still people out there who are still capable of kindness, then not everything is lost.

Here are just a few people filled with so much humanity we just can’t describe it. See for yourselves.

kindness is within us 1

This surgeon comforts a little girl before her operation by watching cartoons with her.

kindness is within us 2

Every Wednesday and Thursday, this guy buys coffee for every employee at the cancer clinic which cured his father.

kindness is within us 3

This little girl gives out rainbows for free. I think I’ll take three!

kindness is within us 4

A brave boy risked his own life to save a young deer during flooding in Bangladesh.

kindness is within us 5

Fifteen-year-old Temar Boggs followed a car on his bike in order to save a five-year-old girl who had been kidnapped right in her front yard in Pennsylvania.

kindness is within us 6

Policemen took a 13-year-old boy Gage Hancock-Stevens, who was blind, out with them on patrol. It was his last wish before he passed away from a tumour.

kindness is within us 7

This man saved the life of this tiny little duckling. It survived childhood and grew up to become a healthy, fully-grown animal.

kindness is within us 8

A homeless person doing everything he can to make sure their dog doesn’t freeze.

kindness is within us 9

An employee of the fast-food chain Wendy’s grabbed one of the umbrellas hanging over a dining table in order to protect this old man from torrential rain as he made his way back to his car.

kindness is within us 10

This elderly gentleman walks his old dog every single day.

kindness is within us 11

65-year-old Isaac Theil calmly lets a stranger sleep on his shoulder on the New York subway. Other passengers suggested waking him up, but Isaac replied: ’No way. He’s probably had a hard day, let him sleep. We’ve all been through it.’

kindness is within us 12A friendly crowd helped this guy in a wheelchair enjoy a concert to the full in Melbourne, Australia.


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