Justin Timberlake Dances Under An Overpass. Wait Till You See Who Joins Him

His new video is making everyone who watches it, get up and immediately dance! Once you see “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Justin Timberlake, you will rise to your feet and start grooving big time!

In the video, Justin dances at a diner, on the streets, and even in a grocery store! It’s been three years, but his absence is certainly made up for with this new single, featured in the animated film Trolls. This amazing song hit the #1 single ranking on the Billboard’s Hot 100. It’s Timberlake’s fifth #1 single! “No words” is what Justin tweeted out, while giving thanks to both fans and radio stations for supporting his music so strongly. The video directed by Mark Romanek is the perfect follow up to hearing the hit single. Not just his fans, but everyone who watches it is getting a big kick out of the video!

Watching the people dance in this video is highly addictive! You will find yourself hopping up and busting out your own moves, or mimicking the moves you see some of the people in the video groove to!


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