He Was The Underdog, Until He Pulls This Off…

Fighting has continued to evolve since back before even boxing was big, and these days we get to see some ridiculous (and some fairly boring) fights.People from all across the globe train so they can battle it out with their fists and their kicks in a ring or arena, some right inside your favorite bar! It’s an ages-old profession and likely will continue to be one in some form or another in the future, but for now I guess we’ll make due with what we’ve got.

This pair of fighters is a great example of the awesome moves we get to see in fights today, we’ve aptly named them Red and Blue. As the video starts you’ll see Blue is on the ropes, and it looks like things aren’t going to be working out in his favor… but he has the Warriors spirit! Seriously though, it’s a pretty crazy knockout and the only one of it’s kind I’ve seen performed in such a quickness, the guy can fight!


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