This Guy’s Rendition Of ‘Chandelier’ By Sia Leaves The Judges In Awe

Sia’s “Chandelier” is easily one of the biggest pop hits in recent memory, but it’s also an insanely difficult song to sing. A simple search of “chandelier cover” on YouTube should provide you with more than enough evidence to show that the vast majority of people, even very talented people, should probably steer clear of that particular tune. Sia’s unique vocal style as well as her penchant for bursting into ultra-high notes with little to no buildup poses an immense challenge, but as this video proves, not one that is insurmountable.

Jordan Smith is a young man from Harlan, Kentucky who probably doesn’t have the look you’d think when you imagine someone singing a song like this, but he absolutely blows this incredibly difficult sing right out the water. Every one of the judges is visibly impressed by his talent, and Gwen Stefani even runs over to give him a hug at the end.


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