He Unexpectedly Wowed The Judges With His Incredible Card Tricks

Professional NFL players value agility and quick maneuvers. Maybe that’s how a Philadelphia Eagles long snapper gained such a talent for card tricks. Jon Dorenbos impressed the judges on “America’s Got Talent,” involving them with the tricks and stunning with each sleight of hand. He also made it clear he was looking for success off the field.

“The NFL stands for ‘not for long,'” Dorenbos responded when asked why he was appearing. According to NJ.com, the 10-year veteran of the Philadelphia team holds the seventh longest tenure of any players within the franchise’s history. During his time on the team, he’s taken to touring and doing magic during the offseason.

Card-trick.com reports that while card games date back centuries with references to games in China and India, Europe appears tied to the first card tricks. A 1408 French article documents a Parisian player who manipulated cards within the game.

How do you feel Dorenbos’ chances are of scoring a big win on “America’s Got Talent”? And just how does he pull off those tricks?


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