She Hilariously Explains How To Save Money On Luggage While Traveling

Christmas was only a few days ago, which means you might have had a run-in with one of your more frugal family members. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being frugal, to an extent, but there comes a point when the effort you go through to save a buck is way more trouble than it’s worth.

When comedian Jeanne Robertson was invited to deliver a speech in Hawaii, she and her husband decided to make a vacation out of it. The only problem was that they had to fly out of different airports, leaving him in charge of transporting the luggage. Let’s just say that her husband puts more effort into saving money on luggage than most people put into choosing a name for their firstborn child. Check out the entire hilarious story below to see why Jeanne spells frugal “C-H-E-A-P.”


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