Nobody Has Ever Impersonated Drunk Girls Like Him. It’s Totally Entertaining!

If you went to a party school — hell, if you’ve ever been to a bar — you’ve definitely encountered your fair share of intoxicated girls.

In 2013, comedian Chris D’Elia delivered a masterful stand-up bit during which he impersonated drunk chicks, and all of the insane things they say and do when under the influence of just a little bit too much alcohol.  He starts by proclaiming, “girls get way drunker than dudes.”

From there he relays some of the funniest statements you’ve definitely heard girls make, namely that they consider getting drunk an accomplishment and shout things like “WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT! OH OHHH!”

From slurring absolute nonsense at strangers to shamelessly asking dudes where they’re going later, some of the gems D’Elia delivers will be funny forever.

“Drunk girls are the only people on the planet who can almost throw up and not care at all,” D’Elia says during one of the funniest story lines of the 7-minute clip. He follows that up by comparing that behavior to dudes, who know that it is GAME OVER when they start to feel sick from drinking.


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