How A Thailand Vendor Makes His Ice Cream Is Beyond Incredible

When you think of Thai delicacies, your mind probably goes straight to the savory: noodles, curries and fantastically hot peppers are just a few of the typical Thai foods with which we’re all familiar. Well, it turns out that Thailand is known for a food that might surprise you. This frozen treat is commonly sold by street vendors, and it’s much like something that you likely enjoy frequently in the warmer months: ice cream.

What you see above are ice cream rolls, prepared on a chilled plate that maintains the perfect temperature for mixing, mashing and scraping the most wonderful slivers of ice cream. This footage comes to you from Ko Phi Phi, on a group of islands located between Phuket and the mainland. Watch as this street vendor makes the delicious summer treat that we all know and love in a mesmerizing, new way.


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