She Wraps Her Wet Hair In A T-Shirt And The Result Is Quite Stunning

Recently, a series of ads from a popular beauty company featured ladies celebrating curly hair. From loose, beachy waves, to bouncy ringlets and tight coils, going with your true hair texture is in. Too often, girls with curls used blow dryers, chemical straighteners and hot irons to fight what nature gave them. No more. Great hair can be had with relative ease.

All cool styles require a little effort, but the challenge for polished curls comes with keeping your coif smooth and frizz-free. This crazy trick will change the way you do your hair. Don’t worry if you don’t have pricey sprays, pomades or polymers, the key to managing your mane is keeping it under wraps.

YouTuber Donata White, previously known as the Primal Beauty Queen, has made many helpful videos on hair, beauty, fitness and even a few handy life hacks, like tips on cleaning some of the toughest items in your house (your Keurig, for one) in a snap.

However, this video, demonstrating an incredibly simple method of “I woke up like this” easy curls, rises above all others and shows it with over 15 million views to date. Nothing says gamechanging beauty tip like those numbers, right?

Once you’re done with those, check out some of her other videos and see if there isn’t another gamechanger in there for you. Every timesaver like this amazing hair hack is one less hassle in your life. Unless you’ve got no hassles in your life, in which case, can I come live with you, it sounds wonderful!


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