Secret Tips To Picking Out Perfect Watermelons This Summer

Summertime means watermelon time! But there’s nothing worse than picking out a bad watermelon.

Here you’ve hauled this thing all the way back to your crib, only to find out it’s a dud! This dude is a produce manager and he gets asked all the time what’s the trick in picking a perfect watermelon. This guy knows his melons, and he indeed has a trick for getting the best one and not ending up with a bad one. Here he explains that you really have to give special attention to your potential melon. Look, listen and feel! Give it a knock and that is going to indicate how fresh it is. These are really some useful tips and you will probably kick yourself for not having known these over the course of all the years that you have been buying watermelons!

This summer will be the perfect watermelon picking, and eating, summer now that you know these totally helpful tips!


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