He Is Known As The Fastest Mochi Maker In Japan

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Japan and you don’t try Mochi at least once while you’re there, then you’re arguably not getting the true Japanese experience.

Generally made by repeatedly smashing mochigome, a short-grain type of rice, until it’s in a paste form, this delicious snack is good with protein, carbohydrates and sugars and is mainly consumed around the Japanese New Year. What you may find surprising however is that creating these is trickier than you think, and there are masters at it!

Mitsuo Nakatani is one such man from Nara, Japan, and he’s helping to keep the art of crating quality Mochi alive. When you see just how quick this man’s hands are especially when holding those large mallets, well you’ll be surprised to say the least. Remember, if you ever get the chance to eat some actual, quality Mochi then you probably shouldn’t pass it up – it’s delicious!


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