He Pours Iron Filings Into A Blob Of Slime. When He Grabs The Magnet, You’ll Be Surprised

Slimy science has never been so fun! Add iron filings to homemade slime, grab a magnet, and you’re in for some serious science amusement. There’s something eerie about watching the gray blob follow the magnet around, looking like some weird amoeba-monster stretching its neck out to taste the magnet… and swallowing the magnet whole when it gets the chance.

Magnetic slime is a great way to have a blast teaching kids about the physics of magnetism and the chemistry that makes the slime. Be prepared to make multiple batches, however, because storing magnetic slime for later use is not recommended. The iron rusts pretty quickly, creating orange goo that no one wants to play with.

If you don’t happen to have access to iron filings, you can purchase them online. It’s also possible to visit a local brake or machine shop and ask if they have any to get rid of, but it’s likely to be mixed with materials that you don’t want in your slime, and cleaning solutions may break the slime down into a liquid mess.

Refrigerator magnets won’t work; playing with magnetic slime requires powerful neodymium magnets. Care should be taken when using these magnets around children, as they have been known to shatter when slamming into something they’re attracted to, and accidental ingestion of these magnets requires immediate medical attention.


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