Quick And Easy Way To Fix Small Dents In Your Car

It happens to even the most careful of us. You’re getting out of a tough parking spot, you’re driving through a hail storm, or you lose control of your shopping cart and it goes right into your bumper. Dents are an unavoidable part of life. Many people just resign themselves to a dent rather than shelling out several hundred dollars to fix an annoying cosmetic issue.

But if you have a tiny dent, this video may have the solution, using just a can of compressed air and a hair dryer. If you’ve ever held a can of compressed air, you know that it is very cold from the adiabatic expansion. Mix that with the high heat setting of the hair dryer and you’ve just caused the dent to expand and contract within a matter of a few seconds. This agitation will cause many small dents to simply snap back into place. It’s like they never even happened.


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