The Fastest And Easiest Way To Build A Hut…

Survival is the name of the game. It has permeated our culture, from movies to reality shows to how-to books. Whether you’re a fan of Bear Grylls or The Walking Dead, you’ve wondered if you could make it out there. If you’re into being prepared, then this is just the video for you.

Our survivor begins by chopping down trees using a stone ax that he made himself. Using only sticks and stones he shaped beforehand, this architect begins by framing a roof. He then does something odd, poking holes in a piece of clay and leaving us to wonder what he’s up to. It turns out he has built a kiln, an oven that can reach high temperatures for the hardening of clay.

Next, he painstakingly crafts molds from branches and fills them with clay. He dries these around a fire before removing the molds. Then, it’s into the kiln to bake the tiles. Here, we learn why he crafted tabs onto each tile as they help him layer the tiles, while keeping them in place. Even with video editing, it is clear this is a time-consuming process.

Once the roof is complete, our primitive builder firms up the foundation of his house. Then, he digs a trench through the floor, and, again, we’re left to wonder if this will turn out well. When he finishes, he has created a heated sleeping platform! How’s that for technology? He finally begins on the walls, adding layers of stones and clay to complete this sturdy structure.

This is no simple lean-to or tarp tent that most of us would construct. This is a lasting testament to man’s ingenuity and know-how, and now, you know how, too. Although, you can wear shoes while you make your hut … if you like.


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