She Hot Glues A Heart Onto Paper And Cuts It Out To Create A Stylish Look You Will Love

Here’s a fun project for the whole family (with some adult supervision, of course). This particular craft requires only a hot glue gun, a piece of colorful paper, a pencil, scissors, a small metal ring and any decorations that you want. It’s a very quick project, clocking in at about 30 minutes of hands-on work, that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Watch as Innova Crafts demonstrates how to make a pendant with simple and easy-to-use materials. In this case, she makes a heart-shaped pendant, but you can make just about anything that you can draw and trace with a glue gun. Just be sure to use the glue gun for any children who want to take part in this project, as it can become very hot and can cause burns. So, grab what you need and give this project a whirl.


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