20 Kids Who Are Simply Not Afraid Of Being Brutally Honest

Kids are notorious for their honesty. When they simply can’t be bothered to do it, you’ll never get anything but 100% honesty from a child. Kids honesty can lead to some pretty hilarious moments, and we’ve compiled 20 of our favorites.

1. This kid, who is probably not getting an easy “A” this semester.

honest kids 1

2. Liam, who makes no apologies.

honest kids 2

3. Thanks for the fair warning.

honest kids 3

4. Ashley’s clearly keeping her options and her schedule open.

honest kids 4

5. This kid, who’s got a not-so-subtle message for Dad.

honest kids 5

6. Warren’s just keepin’ it real.

honest kids 6

7. To be fair, it’s a pretty good question.

honest kids 7

8. This kid knows how to soften the blow.

honest kids 8

9. Annisa, who just wants to settle her finances.

honest kids 9

10. My sister said the same thing actually.

honest kids 10

11. Julian, who doesn’t let anyone tell him what he should do.

honest kids 11

12. Well, that escalated quickly.

honest kids 12

13. This kid’s not too shabby with the emotional manipulation either.

honest kids 13

14. Awww.

honest kids 14

15. I nearly spat my drink out when I read this.

honest kids 15

16. This kid, with the gentle reminder.

honest kids 16

17. As long as everyone knows where they stand, right?

honest kids 17

18. “… But, you know, maybe toss a little dessert under the door.”

honest kids 18

19. Sorry Tony.

honest kids 19

20. Well, at least he’s sorry, right?

honest kids 20(Source)

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