This Homophobic Man At The Airport Was Stopped By The Bystanders Because Of This…

This guy is something else. At Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a homophobic man began harassing another man in line, calling him derogatory terms. It doesn’t take long for things to escalate and for a crowd to gather around the obnoxious man. When a bystander tries to step in to calm the man and ask what he’s upset about, the man takes things to the next level by getting physical. The crowd’s immediate reaction left me cheering, but everything the aggressive man said made my jaw drop. SF Globe has seen many videos about bullying, and the man in this video is just that: a bully. Even after the crowd steps in, the man is still belligerent enough to shout offensive things for everyone to hear. It’s such a shame to see someone so unwilling to accept others just because they’re different.

Warning: this video has strong language involved.


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