This Guy Built His Own Hoverbike And It Is Just As Awesome As You Might Imagine

It’s 2016 and we have yet to see an actual functioning hover board be mass produced, and it looks like we’re still a few years away from that yet as well.

This is a fact that has prompted a lot of amateur engineering and tinkering to create one of their own, but none have been as cool as YouTuber Colin Furze’s hover bike is! This “mad scientist” is a guy that loves spending his time building and creating new things – and he’s damn good at it. Just last month we talked about him and the Thermite Cannon he created and now he’s already got something even better.

Make no mistake, while the bike does look like a fairly simple machine with simple mechanics it’s really anything but. He had to have spent hours on the frame alone, let alone the rest of the build but it’s all worth it!


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