Mom Puts Two Ingredients Into A Blender. What She Ends Up Making Will Make Your Mouth Water…

The kid who had Fruit Roll-Ups at school was often envied by all of their classmates who were stuck with boring, traditional snacks. As a kid, there is just something so inherently cool about eating your fruit as a flat rolled up snack wrapped in bright foil packaging. First being sold in 1983, the product itself was actually in development since 1975. It has since exploded in popularity with various flavors and punch out animals and shapes.

The problem with Fruit Roll-Ups is that they are kind of expensive, and you really have no idea how much actual fruit is in them. This video shows you how to go about making your own with any combination of fruits you want, and the results are absolutely fantastic.

5 cups fresh fruit
1/2-1 Tbsp honey (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 225.

2. Blend fruit and honey in blender until very smooth.

3. Pour mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets (I usually use 2) and spread until thin. You want it to be very even so it will cook evenly. Otherwise, you will have some dry parts and other burned parts!

4. Remove from oven when the rollups are not stick (about 2-3 hours). Let cool then slice and roll!


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