This Hole In The Forest Is Certainly Rare, But The Most Wonderful Sight Is Where It Leads

Bergen, Norway is known as “the city of the seven mountains”, obviously called that due to being surrounded by seven mountains.  Situated high in the foothills is a structure with a strange-looking hole, perched on the edge of a cliff.

The hole is obviously man-made, but the way it’s designed, it looks like the area around it is being sucked inside.

hole in the forest 1

An architect named Espen Folgerø, actually built the structure with his students from the Bergen School of Architecture.  It is called the Tubakuba Mountain Hub.

hole in the forest 12

The views are gorgeous, but it also looks a bit scary. 

hole in the forest 2

Folgerø worked with the firm, OPA Form, and built the structure to appeal to families with children. He felt it would allow more kids to experience a night in nature.

hole in the forest 3

The biggest design challenge was shaping the wood.

hole in the forest 4

It was only possible to shape the hole by making the wood wet enough that it would bend without cracking. The final product is 95 percent wood. 

hole in the forest 5

The hole is the most unique entry way ever seen. It’s large enough for children to walk through, but adults would likely have to crawl.

hole in the forest 6

The hole leads to a 150-square-foot interior.

hole in the forest 7

The inside is beautifully designed, with smooth, curving wooden floors and walls.

hole in the forest 8

The view overlooks the city of Bergen and is absolutely breathtaking. 

hole in the forest 9

There’s no electricity, but a small wood-burning stove provides heat for occupants.

hole in the forest 10

The overview of the floorplan reveals how the inside is just as clever and unusual as the doorway that leads to it.

hole in the forest 11(Source)

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