How To Hang Your Picture Frames Properly By Just Using This…

With the appearance of digital cameras, as well as cameras on every phone, all of us now has literally thousands of photographs in our collection. But we haven’t worked out a way to display them other than by keeping them stored in our devices and periodically showing them off or sharing them. The tradition of printing photographs and displaying them in albums or picture frames is slowly dying out.

We suggest it’s time to go against this trend, and hang a few more pictures on your wall. To encourage you, we’ve found six alternative ways to display them attractively in your home.


The simplest way to display your pictures is to arrange the separate frames in a larger square on the wall. The symmetrical lines of this approach looks both stylish and attractive. The main point to remember is that all the frames (and pictures) should be the same size in order to form a neat square. But the pictures themselves can be either focused on the same subject or be completely contrasting — either approach looks great.

ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesYou can make the display even better by selecting picture frames without very pronounced borders.

ideas for hanging picture framesBlack and white photographs work especially well for this approach, and particularly work in settings where the room is painted a muted, neutral colour.

Gallery style

This style involves placing your picture frames of various sizes in more disorganised pattern on the wall. Place the largest frames in the centre, and then place the smaller ones around them. But still maintain the same distance between each frame regardless of it size.
ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesThis style works really well when you have frames which are the same design but different colours. By playing with the colours you can draw attention to the most important photographs in the display.

ideas for hanging picture framesThe best options are black, white and brown frames, as they often go best with the majority of interior colour schemes.


In contrast to the previous approach, in this case different sized frames should be arranged in such a way that they have an even collective border, creating either a square or even rectangular area on the wall. This is trickier to do, but looks more impressive.
ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesYou can use photographs with completely different themes here, but it’s best if there is some kind of loose connection between all the scenes depicted. It’s also a good idea to try to make the themes of your photographs somehow connect to the wider themes expressed in the design of the room.

ideas for hanging picture framesIf you choose to print photographs onto canvas, then you don’t need frames. But still make sure to keep the pictures an equal space apart.


With this design, place the largest or simply the most important images at the centre of the display, and then arrange the others around it/them. You can place each picture at an equal distance from the others or at varying distances.
ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesIf the central frame(s) are larger than the others, it will naturally attract more attention. That’s why it’s best to place the most important, dear or impressive photo here.

ideas for hanging picture framesThis approach is one of the most decorative, really helping to give a room a casual, cosy feel.

Pictures on book shelves

Shelves are great places to put not only souvenirs, vases or books, but also picture frames. You can even buy special shelves designed to hold picture frames in a way that they won’t fall down. For those who constantly want to move things around at home, this is an ideal variant for displaying your pictures, since it’s very easy to change the pictures for different ones.
ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesYou can create a very interesting effect if pictures overlap with each other. It can give the room a more informal, cosy feel.

ideas for hanging picture framesYou can also choose picture frames which are a different colour compared to the shelf itself. This works to draw attention to them. And if the shelves are the same colour as the wall, it can have the effect of making the frames look like they’re suspended against the wall.

Ascending steps

This is an especially attractive approach to take for hanging your frames if you want to place them along the ascending line of a staircase. These areas of the house are too often left unadorned, but they’re a great place for hanging pictures. But remember not to place your best photographs here — they’re not the place where everyone sees them compared to other areas of the house.
ideas for hanging picture frames

ideas for hanging picture framesOrdinary family photographs are a great option for the frames by the staircase.

ideas for hanging picture framesWhilst this ascending ’steps’ arrangement for photographs works best next to a staircase, it can sometimes work for individual rooms in the house as well.


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