When These Babies Were Born, They Had Full Heads Of Hair. When You See Them You Can’t Help But Smile…

When you think of a baby, you probably picture a little guy or gal with a nice bald head, maybe some peach fuzz. But did you know that some babies are born with full heads of hair? You need to see these ridiculously hairy babies. They’re so adorable…but their ‘dos might also make you jealous.

No product needed.

A photo posted by Jaclyn (@brimmerboys) on

This baby has Brooklyn hipsters beat.

He may only be two months old, but his blowout is on point.

This lil’ guy is WORKIN’ it!

A photo posted by @ollie_finn_ on

“Big hair, don’t care.”

A photo posted by Teresa Sanchez (@yarased) on

I think he’s surprised his little bro has better hair than him.

A photo posted by Jennifer Phelan (@jppilates1) on

She’s pretty proud of her ‘do.

She knows the camera loves her…

Okay, someone get this baby an agent…stat!

A photo posted by Big Hair Baby (@bighairbabyj) on

“I woke up like this.”

A photo posted by Muna Nazak (@muna_nazak) on

Hair game: strong.

“When it comes to my hair, it’s serious business.”

Lincoln loves feeling the wind in his hair.

A photo posted by Jessica (@jessica.k__) on

She slays.

A photo posted by HairBoss (@iamhairboss) on

“No photos, please.”

A photo posted by Jennifer Phelan (@jppilates1) on

His hair is super freaky.

A photo posted by Evelyn Osso ✌ (@evelynosso) on

I wish my bed head looked this good.

A photo posted by _Jen_Lauren (@_jen_lauren) on

He’s a natural.

A photo posted by @chumyl on

Look at that pompadour.

That’s one full head of hair.

A photo posted by Adrienne (@alowrance) on

She knows you’re jealous of her hair…and it’s okay.

A photo posted by Yessum (@yessumbeesunshine) on

I’m sure there are a lot of bald men that are jealous of these amazing heads of hair. Actually, I’m sure there are men and women with thick, beautiful locks that are envious of these cuties, too!


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