He Walks Off The Altar During Their Wedding Vows To Do This…

Most people getting married dread interruptions during their wedding vows as they see the interruption as marring their special moment. In the case of one wedding ceremony, the interruption probably enhanced things. In a viral video on YouTube, after the priest asked the groom to recite his vows, the groom said, “Hold on one second.” No one knew what was happening until the groom walked over to the bride’s daughter, Marissa. The groom told Marissa that he knows he’s not just getting married to her mom. He’s getting “married” to Marissa as well, so he will do right by her.

He said, “Marissa, I am so happy to be marrying your mother, and I just I love you so much too.” “I’m so blessed and honored to have you as a little girl in my life now so just as like I promised your mom with the diamond, I had to get you one too.” After he said that, he gave her a heart-shaped diamond on a necklace.

The video doesn’t show the crowd’s reaction, but you can hear it. After the groom pledged himself to the little girl, everyone applauded. The caption on the video says everyone was in tears. When the camera pans back to the mom, she’s teary-eyed about what happened. The groom then resumes his place next to the bride and continues with the ceremony.


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