Five Houses Showing You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Have A Perfect Home

When organized properly, even the most modest house can become a perfect place for living, working, getting together, and having romantic moments.

We found these five gorgeous little houses will meet your highest expectations.

DIY house

Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller show us that it’s possible to build a cute cabin without spending a ton of money on it. They bought 20 acres of land 15 minutes away from the city and built a sustainable two-storied cabin. The result is absolutely astonishing!
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Complete makeover

Jessica Helgerson and Yianni Doulis bought a small house that did not look great at the time. The old house needed urgent repairs. They chose a rustic look for the new style of the house. Additionally, the couple only used sustainable materials, which saved them a lot of money.
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A dome home for only $8k

American photographer Steve Areen has traveled all over the world to find the perfect place for living. And, he found it. He was able to build a cute little house in 6 weeks for only $8,000 in Thailand. Check it out.
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A trailer home

Brian and Joni Buzarde are travelers. They decided that they would be moving from place to place a lot right when they began to live together. There could be no better decision than to buy a trailer. So they did. They bought a 236-square-foot trailer and transformed it into a real home. They worked on the project for over a year, but it was worth it. The total costs of the dream house are under the $50,000.
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The hobbit house

The Lord of the Rings fans will truly appreciate this one. Simon Dale spent 4 months and about $16,000 on this beautiful hobbit home. To build the house, Simon used only wood and straw, which saved him some money and made the house absolutely sustainable. Plus, these materials make the house more like the actual hobbit hole.
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