Baby Goat Formed The Most Beautiful Friendship With A Horse

When the little goat noticed there was a horse hanging around whom he’d never met before, he knew he needed to make a good first impression.

After nuzzling the horse and making sure he was friendly, he took a step back …

goat and horse friends

… and began to dance.

Yes, that’s right. DANCE.

goat and horse friends

The little goat wiggled and slid his way into his new friend’s heart, and it’s clear this tactic works for him a lot. Just look at him go!

goat and horse friends

The horse seems pretty amused by the goat’s moves, and it’s probably safe to say that this is a friendship that’s going to last for quite awhile.

After all, it started in the BEST way.

goat and horse friends

Check out the full video of this little dancing goat below:

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