His Heartfelt Speech Moved The Entire Middle School To Tears

Trying to give a speech to pre-teens can be a major task. Their attention span is all over the map and many are at the rebellious stage where they think they know it all and believe that they don’t need adults telling them what to do or think.

Marc Mero is a former pro wrestler. He’s competed against a lot of large opponents in front of massive amounts of people. But has he met his match speaking to a full auditorium of 6-8th graders? His WCW and WWE champion runs might be nothing compared to the attempt to captivate this audience. He now runs a non-profit called Champion of Choices. Thankfully he is aware that to grab the attention of these kids he has to go straight for their hearts. A story about his late mother was going to be the way to do it. The appreciation he did NOT have for her has haunted him to this day. His message hits hard as the students can truly feel his deep sense of regret.

His message not only is absorbed by the kids, but adults alike have been sharing his words as we all can definitely relate. It’s a universal message revolving around the idea that, “Love is just a word until you give it meaning — YOU are the meaning.”


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