What This Former Olympic Wrestling Champion Did To Seven Policemen Is Scandalous

After watching this video there’s only two conclusions I have come to, the first being that alcohol will make you do some pretty stupid things and the second being that I would never want to get into a fight with with a former wrestling champion.

Meet Vyacheslav Oliynyk (if you already haven’t), the 1996 Olympic wrestling gold medal winner. While out celebrating his 50th birthday he had a little bit too much to drink, but then decided to attempt driving on his own anyways. The police pulled him over and managed to get him out of his vehicle, but he wasn’t having anything else!

The results of his drunken stupor ended in this insane street brawl between the former champion and several police officers. He takes one hell of a beating and still manages to continue on like nothing should be out of the ordinary. I’m sorry, anyone that can take that type of punishment is definitely someone I wouldn’t even dream of messing with. I’m almost certain he could withstand getting hit by a car…


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