Flight Attendant Adopts Street Dog Who Continually Waited For Her Outside Hotel For Six Months

Keeping love alive in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy, but this stray pup, who fell head over heels for a woman who lives half a world away, has persistence.  And determination, which more than paid off.

When flight attendant Olivia Sievers traveled from her home in Germany to Argentina for work, she made a friend. Little did she know at the time,  that he’d be a lifelong friend.  While walking around Buenos Aires near the hotel where she was staying, Sievers encountered the friendly street dog, who was known to wander the area. She fed him and afterwards, they played awhile, and he insisted on staying by her side.

“I tried to change my way because I didn’t want that he follow me back to the hotel,” she said. “But it was not possible. He always came back and followed me. I tried one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. He was really happy that somebody gave him attention.”

For the dog, it was love at first sight. He settled in at the entrance of Sievers’s hotel. She took pity on the pup, and named him Rubio.  Sievers gave him an airline blanket to keep warm at night.

Rubio had found his soul mate — even if she didn’t know it yet.

It wasn’t long before Sievers was on a plane back to Germany, and Rubio returned to wander the streets. Clearly, though, he never forgot her.

When Sievers was in town the next time for work, staying at the same hotel, Rubio appeared at the door to greet her for a cuddle.

Then, sure enough, he continued to wait out front for their next date.

In Rubio’s mind, this was far more than a passing fling. Incredibly, as Sievers flew back and forth for work over the months that followed, Rubio would always be found waiting for her at her hotel (almost as if he knew her work schedule). But still she always had to leave him.

On one occasion, Sievers even made arrangements for a rescue group to adopt Rubio out to a loving home, but he escaped and was soon back at the door waiting. His mind had been made up, and it was then that Sievers’s was too.

The flight attendant decided to make Rubio her pet. She filled out the necessary paperwork to bring him back home with her to Germany. He recently flew to his new home, where Sievers was waiting for him.

It has only been a few days now since Rubio has put the streets of Argentina behind him to enjoy his new life in Germany with his new mom and family …

… It was clearly worth the wait.


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