Pufferfish Refuses To Leave His Friend’s Side Until Someone Comes Along To Help Set Him Free

While exploring the waters of Thailand’s Chaloklum Bay, a snorkeler happened upon a bittersweet friendship between two little pufferfish. Fish don’t only have feelings, they are also be faithful.

One of the fish had somehow gotten trapped in a fishing net on the ocean floor. Rather than swim away leaving his companion behind, the other fish stayed by his side.

fish rescue

It’s unknown how long the fish had been stuck there with his friend holding vigil. Fortunately the snorkeler, a volunteer from the marine conservation group Core Sea, found them in time. The man used a shard of broken glass to carefully cut the pufferfish free. All the while, his companion remained.

fish rescue

What a happy conclusion for the trapped fish and his friend.  The pair swam away into the vastness of the sea, together, once rescued from the net.

fish rescue

A recent study found these animals are in fact smarter and more social than most folks ever realized. And because of that, it might be time we reconsider how we think of them.

Watch this remarkable rescue in its entirety below.


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