Waitress Buys Lunch For Two Firefighters. Hours Later, She Opens Her Facebook And See This…

Tim Young and Paul Hullings are two veteran firefighters from New Jersey who have seen everything in their line of work. They save lives and homes every single day, often with little thanks or recognition.  After a long, grueling shift, the pair decided to stop at their local diner and grab a quick bite. But when they sat down, they had no idea that waitress Liz Woodward would take their meal as a chance to thank them for everything they do.

Liz could tell by looking at the two men that they had a brutal shift. So to cheer them up and thank them for their service, she decided to pay for their meal.

firefighters lunch 1

Tim and Paul were floored by Liz’s generosity, but they had no way of knowing that Liz had troubles of her own.

firefighters lunch 2

Liz’s father had suffered a brain aneurysm which he was still recovering from, and the bills for his care were staggering. Liz and her mother struggled to cope with the cost of keeping her father healthy and alive. In fact, Liz had set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a van to help transport her father and cover his expenses.

firefighters lunch 3

After learning about her father’s struggle and to return her favor, the firefighters shared her link on their Facebook page along with Liz’s note.

firefighters lunch 4

The outpouring of generosity not just from their community, but from around the world, has been simply phenomenal. Liz’s father is on the way to recovery, and soon he’ll have everything he needs to keep going.

firefighters lunch 5

This just goes to show you that when you pay it forward, amazing things can happen. What an incredible gesture!


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