The Reason She Pulls Her Finger When She’s Ill Is Completely Worthwhile

When many of us experience stress or emotional discomfort, doctors tend to either prescribe medication, or ask that you wait it out in hopes that it will resolve itself. What if there was a better solution? Reflexology is often dismissed by medical professionals, but many of its philosophies are based on how the circulatory and nervous system are wired. The teaching of the practice should never be a replacement for seeing a doctor and following their instructions, but simple exercises like these can be effective in helping to relieve some symptoms. The techniques shown below are simple and easy, so what harm could there be in giving it a try?

The thumb is the most-used digit on the human hand. With this constant usage, it becomes tied to a lot of the decision-making we do each day. If you are struggling with anxiety and headaches, try holding your thumb while gently applying pressure.
finger exercise 1

Having issues with frustration and muscle aches? Massaging the index finger can help with that as well as regulating kidney function.
finger exercise 2

The middle finger is tied to anger and fatigue. If you are experiencing anything related to that, try massaging it for five minutes.
finger exercise 3

The ring finger is associated with negativity and digestive problems. Many people have reported that massaging this digit has also helped to reduce feelings of sadness and hopelessness.
finger exercise 4

The pinky is actually tied to nervousness and stress. Squeezing and applying pressure to it will hopefully help if you have been working too hard.
finger exercise 5

The palm is associated with nausea and tension. The palm is the center of the hand and all other fingers are attached to it. To massage this area, gently rub between each of the bones in the hand.
finger exercise 6


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