She Collapses After A Grueling Competition And Her Fellow Soldiers Come To Her Rescue

All jokes and opinions aside, some of the badges given out by the U.S.Army aren’t earned lightly, and the Expert Field Medical Badge is definitely not. Captain Sarah Crudd was one of only 46 total candidates to receive the award. The candidates end up going through a series of physical and mental tests to compete for the honor of the badge. Crudd was finishing up the end of a grueling 12-mile trip in full gear and her weapon, when her legs gave out.

Well, anyone who knows anything about sportsmanship can guess what happens next – everyone around started cheering for her or pushing her, anything to get her moving the remaining few feet to the finish line. She manages to get up only to fall down again, but each time she stands she makes it just a few feet farther until finally…



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