Dad Beatboxes In Front Of His Daughter. When It Is Her Turn, What She Does Is Phenomenal…

It’s a wonderful thing when parents share the same passions as their children. Bonding over an activity is a great way to foster a strong relationship, and it gives parents an excellent opportunity to pass down a little knowledge to the younger generation. In many cases, however, the student eventually becomes the master. This may (or may not, depending on who you’re rooting for) be the case for Nicole Paris and her father. They share a love of beatboxing and are both quite talented, but now they want to determine once and for all which of them is the king or queen of the household. They have already posted one battle online, with Nicole emerging victorious according to viewers’ votes, and it seems as though this rematch might have the same result.

While it’s a little early to tell which of the contestants the Internet has deemed the winner, one thing is for sure: these two really love each other. Even though they’re battling, you can tell from how they look at one another that they’re having a blast. The look on Nicole’s father’s face as she shows him everything she’s got is just priceless – he’s obviously one proud dad. This is definitely a case of “like father, like daughter.”


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