Father And Daughter Have A Road Trip Lip Sync Battle That Will Make You Smile

This dad and daughter took the opportunity to make memories on their road trip that they will always be able to laugh about. All it took was one song, and the two of them to create the lip sync battle that make their traveling so much fun. Their camera was all set up to catch the action brought by Chris and his daughter. Thanks to the popular song “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha, we have this epic lip sync performance.

father daughter lip sync battle

Chris’ daughter took the lead opening the song, while he drove completely silent. For her, it was a total blast jamming out to Ke$ha while dad had to wait his turn, but he gladly refrained from joining in until the perfect moment. His time to shine was only moments away.

father daughter lip sync battle

His daughter did a great job taking over Ke$ha’s part, but even she can’t help but smile as dad joins in. He held nothing back. Multi-tasking came completely natural for dad, lip syncing, performing, and driving. Watch as he adds in plenty of flair to this amazing daddy-daughter battle. It’s one that is sure to bring laughter to your day.


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